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How do I change the password on my Recorder?

Step 1. Type the IP address of your camera/recorder on the URL bar of your web browser. Enter the current username and password. This information will be provided by your installer.

Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t know the IP of your device, use the SADP tool to scan your network.

Step 2. Navigate to the settings panel and go to Configuration > User Management. Select the username admin, then click on the modify button (as shown in the picture below).

Step 3. Delete the old password then enter the new password of the device in the red box, and enter it again for confirmation.

Make sure to use a strong password and don’t forget it. It’s very time-consuming to reset the password on Hikvision devices.

Step 4. Then click OK. You should see the message: “The password is changed successfully”.

How do I playback recorded video on my cellphone?

Option 1:

1. On the Hik-Connect page, tap playback icon at the upper left corner to enter the Select Camera page.

2. Set the date and time for playback.

3. Tap one or more cameras in the list.

4. Tap Start Playback to enter the Playback page.

Note: Up to 4 cameras can be selected for playback.

Option 2:

1. On the Hik-Connect app, select a camera that you need to view the playback videos and enter the live view page.

2. Tap at top right of page and then tap Playback to enter the Playback page.

How do I share the cameras with my family or friends so they can see them?

1. Please make sure the recipient has downloaded the hik connect app and has made an account with either their phone number or email.

2. Once they have an account, tap on the share icon (icon has three little circles connected by lines) . Icon next to the name of the device you want to share

3. Select share with user

4. At the top of the page enter the recipient’s phone number or email address, and then at the bottom of the page tap next

5. Tap next again

6. Then select finish at the bottom.

7. The recipient should receive a notification in the hik connect app where they must click on accept

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