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  • We offer several channel, color, and resolution options
  • Always know what’s happening on your property 
  • Our cameras record footage so you never miss any activity
  • Includes remote access from your smart phone

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Camera product details


  • We offer bullet, dome, turret and PTZ style cameras depending on the scenario or preference of the customer. Our favorite and most widely used camera style is the turret camera for look and performance reasons. However, certain scenarios can call for different style cameras.
  • We offer a range of 4-8 Megapixel camera resolutions. Our most popular camera comes in a crisp 5MP (3K) and Ultra High Definition 8MP (4K)
  • We use cameras and recorders capable of using H.265 compression for larger storage capability.


  • PTZ cameras, also known as pan, tilt, zoom cameras, provide a wide range of features and control to the user. With a PTZ camera, you can create presets and patrols allowing you to patrol large areas with a single camera. Motorized Zooming also allows for viewing further distances without loss of image quality.
  • Our camera experts specialize in advanced camera analytics and programming for maximum security and use of your camera system. Our line of  “AcuSense” cameras are Empowered by deep learning algorithms that bring human or vehicle target classification alarms to front- and back-end devices. This technology can greatly reduce false alarms generated by targets other than humans or vehicles, vastly improving alarm efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We offer a camera for any scenario. You tell us what you need, and we will make it our duty to provide you with the best possible camera for the job, whatever it shall be. Camera type is subject to vary depending on what you need the camera to do.



  • Motion detection (can be specific to certain areas and sensitivities for optimal recording purposes and alarm notifications)
  • Video loss detection (can notify you if the stream of a camera is affected of goes out )


  • ace capture (Detects up to 5 faces simultaneously. Supports detecting, capturing, grading, selecting of face in motion, and outputs the best face picture)
  • License plate reading: (read license plates and keep a organized log with timestamps).
  • Line crossing detection (Ex: Line crossing detection allows for recording or alarms to be triggered when a subject crosses a defined line in the camera’s image. This feature is recommended for monitoring the entering and exiting of people or objects across a threshold, especially in outdoor areas. This is therefore ideal for monitoring perimeter fences, walls and car parks, where you’re interested in capturing subjects moving in and out of an enclosed area. Another benefit of line crossing is that it prevents accidental triggering by moving objects that do not cross the line.)
  • Intrusion detection ( Ex. A specifically drawn area that detects things that come into that area and notifies you. If you choose Acusense technology it also allows for specific detection of things such as a human or vehicle, being able to filter the two. )
  • Region entrance detection ( used in large viewing areas, can determine when an object makes an entrance in a specific area).
  • Region exiting detection ( used in large viewing areas, can determine when an object exits a specific area).
  • Scene change detection (The camera will learn the details of the current scene it is viewing and be able to determine if it changes. Ex: If someone changes the camera’s viewing direction so that the camera captures a different scene, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.

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